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Melissa Spears, RS, Director

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Traci Maloney, Billing Clerk/Deputy Registrar

Environmental Health Services educates the public, enforces public health laws and investigates environmental public health hazards to protect the community.

Environmental health is the discipline that focuses on improvement of people’s relationships with their environment by reducing or eliminating public health hazards.

Many of our services are required State programs and are carried out by environmental health specialists called Registered Sanitarians. Inspections are performed for a variety of retail food operations (restaurants, carry-outs, grocery stores, nursing homes, vending machines, food trucks, temporary events), residential sewage treatment systems, private water systems (wells, ponds), public recreational facilities (swimming pools & spas, RV parks, camps), body art facilities (tattoo, piercing and permanent cosmetics), schools, and investigation of public health nuisance complaints/issues (solid waste, sewage violations). State and local fees for services vary. See the Environmental Health Services Fee Schedule for more details.

The Scioto County Health Department through an award from the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund is making assistance available to income-eligible homeowners in Scioto County to repair or replace their home sewage treatment systems. The assistance will cover up to 100% of the cost to install the home sewage treatment system and to abandon the old sewage system. The assistance will also cover connections to available sanitary sewers.

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Prior to an Installation or alteration of a private water system, a permit from the health department must be obtained by the property owner or installer. Private water systems include wells, ponds, hauled water storage tanks or cisterns as a water source. Determination of water quality by testing private water systems for Coliform bacteria and E.coli is also an important service. In addition to these water tests being required as part of the permit process, the health department will, upon request, collect samples from private water systems and report the lab results. Contact us for current fees. If you are buying/selling a home or upon the homeowners request, the Health Department can evaluate your existing household private water system. See Evaluation of Sewage – Water System Application form for more details.

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A major function of Environmental Health Services is the licensing and inspection of retail food operations in Scioto County. State regulations require that each retail food operation, known as Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments be licensed and inspected by the Health Department. Food operations requiring licenses also include mobile type operations like food trucks; and certain types of vending machine locations. The SHCD Sanitarians will also respond to food safety related complaints about food operations when they are received. Temporary food licenses are also required for many one to five day operations which sell food. Typically temporary food operations sell (or require a donation for) food as part of festivals, auctions or other small events. If you are planning to sell food to the public for a limited time event, contact Environmental Health Services at least one week prior to when the event begins to obtain a license to operate.

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Rabies is a viral disease found in mammals. Rabies is 100% fatal in humans that develop symptoms. Rabies can be prevented by prompt medical treatment following an exposure to a rabid animal. Exposure is considered to be a bite or scratch that breaks or punctures the skin, or when bodily fluids from an infected animal contact mucous membranes or an open wound.

Bites or scratches by wild or exotic carnivorous animals such as raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote, opossum, ground hog, deer, wolf, wolf hybrids, bats, lions, tigers, bears, etc., require that the animal be euthanized and the head removed at the owner’s expense. The head will be sent to the Ohio Department of Health for rabies examination, with the cost of testing paid by the owner.

Other wild animals such as chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, rats, and mice have not been known to transmit the rabies virus to humans. All bites should be treated as potential exposure to rabies. The Ohio Administrative Code requires that all animal bites be reported to the health department within 24 hours of bite. The health department notifies the owner of the animal regarding the 10-day quarantine period.

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The Health Department provides annual licenses to public pool/spa operations. Each operation is inspected at a minimum of two times per year during their operation period. These inspections check for water temperature, clarity, chemical balance, and safety/cleanliness of the overall swimming environment.

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Campgrounds and Resident Camps in Scioto County are inspected in an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment and as required by State of Ohio rules.

Inspection Reports: All Campground/RV park operators are required by law to obtain a license from the local health district. These facilities are required to be compliant with Ohio’s Campground/RV Park safety regulations. Routine inspections during the operation of the campground assess the operator’s success in assuring that routine practices are conducted in a safe and sanitary manner.

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Public Health Nuisances are environmental situations which have the potential to cause the spread of disease. In order to prevent the spread of disease, the Health Department investigates and may issue orders where nuisance conditions are found. Typical reported complaints that we investigate are:

  • Excessive trash or garbage accumulation (outside the home)
  • Infestations of rats
  • Discharge or surfacing of untreated sewage
  • If the trash accumulation inside of the home is detrimental to children or the elderly.
  • No water available approved sewage disposal.

Please contact us to report these conditions. You may also complete the form below and submit to our office. Information you provide to us, including your name, will remain confidential unless a case has to go to court. Provide complete information to help us locate the nuisance. As long as you provide a means for contacting you, a Sanitarian will keep you informed on the status of your complaint.

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Body Art is the practice of physical body adornment, including tattooing, permanent cosmetics and/or body piercing. The Health Department issues annual permits for Body Art facilities located in Scioto County. Inspections of these facilities are performed to ensure safety measures are appropriately taken by the operator of the facility.

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Housing, Healthy Housing is designed, constructed, maintained and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health. The Health Department provides resources relating to indoor environment issues. These include but are not limited to: Lead, mold, radon, carbon monoxide and bed bugs.

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